TWD Season 5


TWD Season 5

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Bethyl had more touching-each-other-all-the-time scenes in two episodes than C@ryl in 4 seasons. But yeah sure we shold all “be kind of sad, because all our ship has to cling on is an erroneous summary.”
Seriously the only thing I can do right now is laugh histerically about the stupidity of some people.

How dare y’all celebrate, you should be sad!
Enough irony for today, cheers to all Bethylers! ♥

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Daryl implies that h e  h a s  f e e l i n g s  f o r  h e r, but before Beth c a n  r e s p o n d, walkers swarm the house. Beth runs outside, where she’s kidnapped by people driving a car with a white cross painted on the rear windshield. Daryl chases after the car, but is u n a b l e  t o  c a t c h  u p.

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I fixed it.


I fixed it.

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"The signs are all there, you just gotta know how to read them."
- Daryl Dixon

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me: exit tumblr, close laptop, get into bed, unlock phone, check tumblr

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noun : a person skilled in the use of a bow and arrow.

A   b o w m a n. I respect that. See, a man with a rifle, he could have been some kind of photographer or soccer coach back in the day. But a bowman’s a bowman through and through.

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all I do anymore is sleep, feel bad for myself, and take selfies

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The way he looks into the camera i can’t


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the atlanta 5 / the last remaining atlanta survivors (◡﹏◡✿)

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Bethyl + Green

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Stayed out of the bethyl tag for a while, came back today and holy shit what has been going on?
These shipping wars are really getting ridiculous. And although I always tried to stay fair, now we are definitely not the ones who are lurking around in the tags 24/7 just waiting to find a post as an excuse to insult others and be disrespectful. And don’t get me wrong: Being passionate about something you like is not limited to any age, but when I see middle aged mothers attacking some of us for being “unrealistic about our ship” and insulting a well-loved character that had (and will have!!) an important story line, it’s just so cringeworthy. That’s something I expect from 12 year olds seriously. I was never mischievous, but in situations like that I can’t wait for bethyl to be canon and rub it into their faces.
Whatever, enough about this topic. We should just stay positive about our ship and be excited about october! Bethyl is coming. ♥

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College Humour: What you wish would happen on The Walking Dead (3/6)

Beth, Daryl, Merle


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